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New Blog: Laughing Cat

Today marks the end of Peculiar Crochet! Don’t worry, I am not giving up on any of my creative endeavors. Rather, I am moving to a new blog that will have even more cute and creative projects to inspire you, because my mom will have her stuff on it too! We have enjoyed working together as a mother-daughter team for years at various craft bazaars, and now we seek to combine our blogging efforts to bring you a greater variety of craft projects and creative ideas, and of course, lots and lots of unique and adorable dolls! Please visit our new blog, Laughing Cat Creative Enterprises, at, and let me know what you think. I will now be blogging under the name Baby Cat.

I have been working on several new projects lately, all of which I have delayed posting because my mom and I were working on getting our new blog set up. You should see knew posts on all of them very shortly.


The Multnomah County Fair: Please go and vote for your favorite!

Today my mom took two of her beautiful ballerina dolls as well as my Jack and Sally dolls to enter them in the Multnomah County Fair! Please go, see all the cool crafts, and vote for your favorite! My mom has more information on her blog, click here to read more.

Jack and Sally

Yes, I had a lot of help, but…

I am so happy with the paperweight I made in the Glass Arts Sampler class that I took this weekend! I also made a fused glass tile, and some beads. The swirls of color are made by putting powdered glass in the clear glass while it is molten and twisting it, then covering it with more glass. The larger splotches of color are made with small flakes of glass, and the bubbles are made by poking the glass with something sharp, then putting more glass over the top to trap the air. I wanted to make it look like water. )I still don’t know how they do those ones with the fish inside.) It works especially well since the paperweight itself ended up in the shape of a bubble!

I took this class at the Craft Center here at UO. This is the first class that I have taken there because my classes usually keep me super busy every term. This term I don’t have a Design Studio class so I have more time and more of a need to do something creative outside of class, so I made a point to try out a couple of classes. I signed up for this one, and a needle felted animals class which will be the weekend after next. I can’t wait!

Glass work and felting are two things that I have wanted to learn for a really long time so I am excited to have finally gotten around to it! Everyone at the Craft Center is super nice and helpful, too. I made this paperweight in the hot shop, which requires working with molten glass in a very hot furnace. The instructors for the class were very patient with me, even when I forgot that you have to constantly keep turning the rod with the molten glass on it, and almost dropped it all! It is hard to remember to keep turning while focusing on not burning yourself and trying to remember what the next step is, but that’s why it takes a lot of practice!

Of course, immediately after seeing my finished paperweight, I want to make another one! That is the problem with art, it is a serious addiction.

Sally and Jack, together at last!

At last, the love of Jack Skellington’s life–or death–has arrived at PeculiarCrochet!

Sally’s pattern was a lot more work than Jack’s because

1) She has curves

2) She has hair

3) She has a dress made up of lots of little different colored pieces of fabric, none of which I could find exact matches for at the fabric store

4) I had to make her at the right proportions to Jack so that they would look right together. I didn’t have to worry about that with him since he was the first.

I have been writing Sally’s pattern down as I made the doll but it is currently disorganized and out-of-order, written in my messy writing in an old high school math notebook. If you give me a few days to make it presentable, you too will soon be able to make your very own Sally doll!

Hair Chalking: Freaking out your parents without the committment

So you’re probably looking at this picture of me with blue streaks in my hair saying “What the heck, that’s not a crochet project!” True, but I do consider it a craft project because of what I used to dye it with. As you may have guessed from the title of this post, it’s chalk. And, Mom, in case you are concerned, it will supposedly wash out. Best of all, it colors even dark hair without bleach! The one drawback it it’s messy (although it does clean up easily) so it’s a good thing I decided to do this right before I planned on cleaning the bathroom anyway.

I’ve always kind of wanted blue hair, possibly because my favorite comic book character that I made up as a kid had blue hair. Hers was natural, though, because she was from Pluto.

Anyway, I’ve always kind of wanted blue hair but have never wanted to deal with the time commitment that goes along with maintaining dyed hair. Also, now that I’m considered by law to be an adult, and therefore have to do things like go to work and pretend that I’m not secretly a Princess from Pluto, I have to be able to look professional when the need arises.

If any potential employers read my blog, all I have to say in my own defense is that while I am doing silly things like putting chalk in my hair, making crocheted dolls of Tim Burton characters (Sally is still in progress, by the way), and ranting about chenille stem vs. pipecleaner terminology, at least I am not drinking copious amounts of alcohol and taking embarrassing Facebook pictures, which I believe are the first thing everyone always checks for. Plus, assuming this washes out like it’s supposed to, there is little danger of me showing up to work with blue hair.

I have noticed that this is turning into a rant, so I will just give you the address for the video that gave me this idea and let you go about your business. Here it is:

The girl who made the video is named Kandee Johnson, she also does a lot of cool makeup videos and is just adorable.

Well, that’s all for now. With any luck I may have an actual crochet project to show you once Spring Break rolls around. We’ll see.

Update on what I have been up to since this term started.

You’ve probably already noticed how terrible I am about keeping up with my blog while I am going to school. This does not mean that I’m not doing crafty things in between all the homework and projects, only that it takes me about 10 times longer to get anything done. I take that as an accurate estimate, because when I don’t have school, it takes me a week at most to make a doll, and only a couple of days if I am determined and don’t have any other obligations. When I am at school, it might take me all term (10 weeks, not including finals) to finish one. This is why in the past 6 weeks, I have not posted a single new project. If I were a reader, I think I would find that frustrating.

So, instead of waiting until I have finished something, I thought I’d try giving you an update of what I have managed to get done over the past few weeks.

First off, here is a completed project that isn’t knit or crocheted, but turned out rather well:
For Valentine’s day, I made my boyfriend a plateful of these cute, heart-shaped red-velvet cupcakes. This is only about half the batch; I should have believed the recipe when it said it made 48 servings!

I made these cute little guys for a few close friends:

I made them from a kit I got at Joann’s, but you could just as easily recreate them with a few glitter pompoms, some googly eyes, a couple thin sheets of foam, and some white pipe cleaners, or chenille stems, if you prefer. When I was really little, my Mom always called them pipe cleaners, then I was told that they are called chenille stems now. I guess it’s not politically correct to associate crafting with smoking a pipe. Recently I asked a lady at Joann’s for chenille stems and she had no idea what the heck I was talking about, she asked another lady who said “Oh, you mean pipe cleaners!” so I don’t really know what name they are going by these days. Anyway, the feet are heart-shaped foam cutouts glued to the pompoms. The hearts on top of their antennae are cut out of a sheet of glittery foam.

Other updates:

-I’m working on the “Sitio Stockings” from Vampire Knits, because even though I haven’t been feeling too vampiric lately, there are some really cool patterns in that book. Plus, there’s enough of a chance I will want them when I am feeling vampiric in the future.

-I started working on a Sally doll from Nightmare before Christmas since Winter Break. She is all done except for the patchwork on her dress. Right now I’ve just made her a plain dress as a base for the patchwork. It shouldn’t take very long to add that, but we’ll see when I have time to work on it. I will also have a detailed pattern for you once she’s done.

2011 in review

Here is the report I just got on how my blog did in 2011! Thank you so much to all of my wonderful readers, I hope you keep checking my blog and leave a lot more comments in 2012!

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,300 times in 2011. If it were a cable car, it would take about 38 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Craftivus starts tomorrow!

Don’t forget tomorrow and Saturday are winter Craftivus! Go, have some fun and get some wonderful and unique gifts while supporting local artists! Not to mention, the house in which Craftivus will take place is incredibly cute. I saw it when I went to help my mom set up for this weekend and am now feeling like a total architecture geek.

Have a great weekend, I wish I could be at Craftivus but right at least I have less than a week left before I can come home and start making Christmas presents!

Who wants Coraline for Christmas?

I just finished another Coraline doll! She will be for sale at winter Craftivus next weekend for $50 and  is a great gift for anyone who loves Coraline and would like their very own Coraline ragdoll. She is also handmade, by a local artist (me!) so you would be supporting a local artist and getting a unique handmade gift!

Or, if you’re not into Coraline, there will also be lots of other unique and wonderful handmade gifts available at Craftivus, also by local artists. For more information about Craftivus, please see my previous post.

New Business Cards for AllDolledUp

I just designed these business cards for my Mom’s blog AllDolledUp. I am writing this post to show off my design as well as to remind you all to visit She’s always adding new stuff and it’s all really awesome!


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