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There, now, that wasn’t so hard…

It took me longer than it should have to get around to it, but once I finally started typing it up, my Sally Doll pattern didn’t take very long at all to prepare. I have only made one of these dolls and I just wrote the pattern as I went, so if anything doesn’t make sense to you that seemed to make sense to me while I was writing it, let me know and I will try to clear things up!

Here is the pattern:

This pattern is no longer available for free. Please see my Ravelry:

Or Etsy Shop:


Update on what I have been up to since this term started.

You’ve probably already noticed how terrible I am about keeping up with my blog while I am going to school. This does not mean that I’m not doing crafty things in between all the homework and projects, only that it takes me about 10 times longer to get anything done. I take that as an accurate estimate, because when I don’t have school, it takes me a week at most to make a doll, and only a couple of days if I am determined and don’t have any other obligations. When I am at school, it might take me all term (10 weeks, not including finals) to finish one. This is why in the past 6 weeks, I have not posted a single new project. If I were a reader, I think I would find that frustrating.

So, instead of waiting until I have finished something, I thought I’d try giving you an update of what I have managed to get done over the past few weeks.

First off, here is a completed project that isn’t knit or crocheted, but turned out rather well:
For Valentine’s day, I made my boyfriend a plateful of these cute, heart-shaped red-velvet cupcakes. This is only about half the batch; I should have believed the recipe when it said it made 48 servings!

I made these cute little guys for a few close friends:

I made them from a kit I got at Joann’s, but you could just as easily recreate them with a few glitter pompoms, some googly eyes, a couple thin sheets of foam, and some white pipe cleaners, or chenille stems, if you prefer. When I was really little, my Mom always called them pipe cleaners, then I was told that they are called chenille stems now. I guess it’s not politically correct to associate crafting with smoking a pipe. Recently I asked a lady at Joann’s for chenille stems and she had no idea what the heck I was talking about, she asked another lady who said “Oh, you mean pipe cleaners!” so I don’t really know what name they are going by these days. Anyway, the feet are heart-shaped foam cutouts glued to the pompoms. The hearts on top of their antennae are cut out of a sheet of glittery foam.

Other updates:

-I’m working on the “Sitio Stockings” from Vampire Knits, because even though I haven’t been feeling too vampiric lately, there are some really cool patterns in that book. Plus, there’s enough of a chance I will want them when I am feeling vampiric in the future.

-I started working on a Sally doll from Nightmare before Christmas since Winter Break. She is all done except for the patchwork on her dress. Right now I’ve just made her a plain dress as a base for the patchwork. It shouldn’t take very long to add that, but we’ll see when I have time to work on it. I will also have a detailed pattern for you once she’s done.

Making Christmas…Making Christmas

For those of you who haven’t already heard me say this like 100 times, I love Jack Skellington and Nightmare Before Christmas. I uploaded my first Jack Skellington pattern about a year ago and this year decided to make Jack a Santa, or “Sandy Claws” outfit, as Jack would say. Now he’s ready to take over Christmas, so watch out!

I will have the pattern uploaded by next weekend at the latest so that you can make your own Jack in time for Christmas. I also have a Sally doll (Jack’s girlfriend, if you didn’t know) lined up for my next project, but I don’t know yet when she will be done.