Recycled Sock Monsters-Knit


Roderick is my first “Recycled Sock Monster.”  I hope the title is not too misleading, he is not made from socks but rather from sock yarn, with various knick-knacks recycled for his features.  For example, his left eye is a 1/2 inch green button and his bowtie is a link from a bicycle chain.  I am not sure what his right eye and mouth are from.  Feel free to use anything you would like to decorate your monster, I find that they are a great use for those little pieces of things I find around the house and am not sure where they came from but I don’t want to throw them away in case they are part of something important.  This way, you can save such pieces without them crowding your desk, and then later if you find out that your doll’s eye is actually a vital piece of your microwave you can always take it off and replace it with something else. To buy the Recycled Sock Monster knitting pattern, please click the button below:

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