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New Blog: Laughing Cat

Today marks the end of Peculiar Crochet! Don’t worry, I am not giving up on any of my creative endeavors. Rather, I am moving to a new blog that will have even more cute and creative projects to inspire you, because my mom will have her stuff on it too! We have enjoyed working together as a mother-daughter team for years at various craft bazaars, and now we seek to combine our blogging efforts to bring you a greater variety of craft projects and creative ideas, and of course, lots and lots of unique and adorable dolls! Please visit our new blog, Laughing Cat Creative Enterprises, at, and let me know what you think. I will now be blogging under the name Baby Cat.

I have been working on several new projects lately, all of which I have delayed posting because my mom and I were working on getting our new blog set up. You should see knew posts on all of them very shortly.