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Yes, I had a lot of help, but…

I am so happy with the paperweight I made in the Glass Arts Sampler class that I took this weekend! I also made a fused glass tile, and some beads. The swirls of color are made by putting powdered glass in the clear glass while it is molten and twisting it, then covering it with more glass. The larger splotches of color are made with small flakes of glass, and the bubbles are made by poking the glass with something sharp, then putting more glass over the top to trap the air. I wanted to make it look like water. )I still don’t know how they do those ones with the fish inside.) It works especially well since the paperweight itself ended up in the shape of a bubble!

I took this class at the Craft Center here at UO. This is the first class that I have taken there because my classes usually keep me super busy every term. This term I don’t have a Design Studio class so I have more time and more of a need to do something creative outside of class, so I made a point to try out a couple of classes. I signed up for this one, and a needle felted animals class which will be the weekend after next. I can’t wait!

Glass work and felting are two things that I have wanted to learn for a really long time so I am excited to have finally gotten around to it! Everyone at the Craft Center is super nice and helpful, too. I made this paperweight in the hot shop, which requires working with molten glass in a very hot furnace. The instructors for the class were very patient with me, even when I forgot that you have to constantly keep turning the rod with the molten glass on it, and almost dropped it all! It is hard to remember to keep turning while focusing on not burning yourself and trying to remember what the next step is, but that’s why it takes a lot of practice!

Of course, immediately after seeing my finished paperweight, I want to make another one! That is the problem with art, it is a serious addiction.