Sally and Jack, together at last!

At last, the love of Jack Skellington’s life–or death–has arrived at PeculiarCrochet!

Sally’s pattern was a lot more work than Jack’s because

1) She has curves

2) She has hair

3) She has a dress made up of lots of little different colored pieces of fabric, none of which I could find exact matches for at the fabric store

4) I had to make her at the right proportions to Jack so that they would look right together. I didn’t have to worry about that with him since he was the first.

I have been writing Sally’s pattern down as I made the doll but it is currently disorganized and out-of-order, written in my messy writing in an old high school math notebook. If you give me a few days to make it presentable, you too will soon be able to make your very own Sally doll!



  1. kacicalese Said:

    I LOVE SALLY! I feel especially privileged since I got to see the work in progress, and she is currently sitting atop my piano with my Jack Skellington!

    I think you do amazing work Assunta, and you inspired me to create my own doll patterns! It’s so much fun I think I could keep doing it forever!

    Sally and Jack look great together, by the way. Maybe Sally shoud stay at my house…………

  2. Lynn Said:

    Nunnalynn! Wonderful, ingenious creation — as usual! We are so relieved here that Jack is no longer alone – had concerns about the kinds of looks he was getting from the Oogie Boogie Man…

    Would this be a good time to order one for my Jack and one for Momo’s Jack? Name your price.

    • Assunta Said:

      Thanks, Aunt Lynni, I’m so glad you like her! Now that you’ve brought up Oogie Boogie I kind of want to make a doll of him too (although I may have to teach Sally how to beat him up first, if he is going to be going after her man, haha.) I would be happy to make dolls for you and Momo. It might be awhile due to school and the complexity of the doll but I will make them a priority. I will get back to you about the price.

      • Lynn Said:

        Thanks, Baby! Of course, there’s no hurry – just knowing we’ve got one coming will keep us excited until you can get to them. Oogie Boogie would make a good subject. I think Sally will know instinctively how to protect her man Jack from any threats…

      • Assunta Said:

        You’re right. Sally is smart, I’m sure she and Jack will be fine. I’ll just give her a couple of aikido lessons to be extra sure 🙂

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