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Cute Kitty Chocolates for My Birthday!

I had a wonderful weekend in Portland with my family, celebrating my birthday, which is tomorrow. This year, because I am resisting growing up, I felt inclined to celebrate with lots of cute, sparkly things! I love making cupcakes in a bunch of different shapes and I recently got a Hello Kitty mold from the Sanrio store, which I was really excited to try out. Instead of cupcakes, though, I decided to make these Hello Kitty Chocolates with sparkly hair bows. (See? CuteĀ and sparkly.) My mom also made me a really cute Hello Kitty cake, here is the link to it on her blog. The cake and chocolates looked great together! I also got some plain ballet flats and red glitter as part of my birthday shopping trip. I am going to turn them into ruby slippers, which I will post later this week.

Sorry I have been procrastinating on my Sally doll pattern. I really have no excuse, other than it is much more fun to do the project than to try and translate my scribbled notes into something that would make sense to another human being.

Anyway, here are the chocolates, I hope you like them!

I got this mold at the Sanrio store at Clackamas Town Center a couple of weeks ago. It was kind of expensive ($13.95, I believe.) Otherwise, it would have been nice to have more than one because it makes very small batches.

White chocolate for the kitties and dark chocolate for the hairbows. Eventually I got tired of switching back and forth so when I was on the last little bit of chocolate I ended up with a couple white hairbows and a couple darks chocolate kitties.

Red sparkle gel from the Joann Fabrics baking aisle. I was really exited about the idea of sparkly red hairbows for the kitties! (They match the shoes I want to make later this week.)

Food decorating markers from the Safeway’s baking department. I was looking for the kind of icing that comes in a small tube and it meant for writing, but they were all out.

I used the yellow marker for the noses. It showed up pretty well on the white chocolate. Unfortunately, the set did not come with a black pen. I tried using blue for the eyes but it didn’t look right.

It turned out that my mom had some black frosting but no decorating tip small enough to make tiny kitty eyes and whiskers. She suggeste putting some frosting in a dish and using a toothpick to draw on the chocolate with it.

This worked very well for packing little dots of frosting into the eyes. Drawing the lines for the whiskers with it was a little more difficult but it ended up looking fine.

These are what the kitties looked like after I drew in the eyes and whiskerts.

The Sparkle Gel had about the consistency of jelly so I used a butter knife to spread it on the chocolates. It was more difficult to control than the other frosting. A couple of kitties got smeared and ended up looking like they had blood on their faces! (Zombie Kitty chocolates, anyone?)

This is what they finished chocolates look like. I was very happy with the way they turned out overall, but they are almost too much work to eat!