2011 in review

Here is the report I just got on how my blog did in 2011! Thank you so much to all of my wonderful readers, I hope you keep checking my blog and leave a lot more comments in 2012!

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,300 times in 2011. If it were a cable car, it would take about 38 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.


Pattern Review: Rampage Fishnet Gloves from “Vampire Knits”

Here is my first project from the book “Vampire Knits,” which I recently checked out from the library. These gloves were fun and quick to make, and quite easy, once you master the double twisted knit (Dtk) stitch. This was a stitch I had never done before but the pattern provided instructions that made it very easy to learn.

My only complaint is that I think the instructions for the double twisted purl (Dtp) could have been more clear. It is just the opposite of the Dtk, so the fact that the Dtk instructions were clearer helped. Overall, this was a fun project and much simpler than it looks. What do you think?

Vampire Fashions


Something about winter weather makes me want to just stay in my coffin all day long. Since I can’t actually get away with this (and I’m guessing you can’t either if you’re reading this), the next coziest thing is sitting at home with a nice glass of blood (or hot chocolate, if you prefer) and a good knitting project. 

I whipped this corsette together in the brief gap between Finals and starting to work on my Christmas presents, feeling like I needed something a little vampiric to take my mind of the cold grayness outside. It is not my own pattern, so if you would like to make one too, go to http://marniemaclean.com/patterns/knittysubmission/knitty.html

This is the smallest size but the pattern makes it very easy to adjust for any body shape. You can also make it longer or adjust the amount of coverage in the front. Mine closes completely in the front while the original design was a little more open. I chose black and red for classic vampire colors, but the original design was more white and brown. Of course, you could make this pattern in any colors you like.

Along the same lines, I recently checked out this book from the library:

It looks pretty cool but I haven’t had the chance to make anything from it yet. However, if my current vampiric mood continues it is quite likely you will see some pieces from it very soon. I will keep you up to date so you can see what I make and how it all turns out.

Happy Holidays from a sleepy vampire!

Making Christmas…Making Christmas

For those of you who haven’t already heard me say this like 100 times, I love Jack Skellington and Nightmare Before Christmas. I uploaded my first Jack Skellington pattern about a year ago and this year decided to make Jack a Santa, or “Sandy Claws” outfit, as Jack would say. Now he’s ready to take over Christmas, so watch out!

I will have the pattern uploaded by next weekend at the latest so that you can make your own Jack in time for Christmas. I also have a Sally doll (Jack’s girlfriend, if you didn’t know) lined up for my next project, but I don’t know yet when she will be done.


Craftivus starts tomorrow!

Don’t forget tomorrow and Saturday are winter Craftivus! Go, have some fun and get some wonderful and unique gifts while supporting local artists! Not to mention, the house in which Craftivus will take place is incredibly cute. I saw it when I went to help my mom set up for this weekend and am now feeling like a total architecture geek.

Have a great weekend, I wish I could be at Craftivus but right at least I have less than a week left before I can come home and start making Christmas presents!

Who wants Coraline for Christmas?

I just finished another Coraline doll! She will be for sale at winter Craftivus next weekend for $50 and  is a great gift for anyone who loves Coraline and would like their very own Coraline ragdoll. She is also handmade, by a local artist (me!) so you would be supporting a local artist and getting a unique handmade gift!

Or, if you’re not into Coraline, there will also be lots of other unique and wonderful handmade gifts available at Craftivus, also by local artists. For more information about Craftivus, please see my previous post.

Winter Craftivus!

Winter Craftivus is next Friday and Saturday! Stop by and pick up some beautiful one-of-a-kind handmade gifts for your family and friends instead of fighting the crowds at Walmart. I will be at school studying for finals but my mom will be there with lots of great new stuff! She has been working really hard and even I have a couple of new dolls to show, which I will post on my blog soon. For now, here is the link to the information for Craftivus, which my mom has posted on her blog:


How to make doll hair: the latch hook method

This video is for everyone who has tried my Coraline doll pattern and is wondering “what the heck is the latch hook method?” It will also work for any doll. Since my mom learned the latch hook method and taught it to me, we use it for all our dolls. It is by far the best method for making doll hair I have used. It looks the best because it covers the head without leaving any gaps, so there are no bald spots, and it won’t fall out like it could it you just sew the strands of yarn on.

Enjoy! I will also post this video on the page with my Coraline pattern.

My Halloween Party

As I promised, here are some pictures from my Halloween party, plus descriptions of how I made everything. Please don’t forget to take the poll!

Pumpkin muffins I made with my best friend (and roommate). I think I got the muffin mold (and the recipe that came with it) from Avon. Each muffin makes half a pumpkin, just cut off the round top and glue the two muffin pieces together with frosting, then use the frosting to draw vines and leaves on the pumpkins. I deleted the pumpkin seeds and raisins from the recipe because it really doesn’t need anything extra. Don’t throw away the extra bits of the muffins. Chances are, someone will still want more after the party is over and all the good looking ones have been eaten.

The spiderweb stand on which the muffins are resting was purchased from Joann Fabrics. I had been coveting it all summer but it was kind of expensive. Finally it was on sale at 60% off so I got it! The spiderweb bowl behind it was also from Joann’s and not nearly as expensive.

A bowl of marshmallow eyeballs. In order to dress up the Halloween hot chocolate, I made these  “eyes” out of large marshmallows and bits of licorice. The licorice I bought came in a mix of black and red so I decided to make some vampire eyes too!

Here is a picture of me, my handsome prince (I made both of our costumes) and my beautiful fiends…
including my bestie, who you may recognize from the Sundrop commercials!

Just for fun, I am thinking of doing a Princess Jasmine makeup tutorial. I wore a lot of makeup for this costume (on Halloween it’s okay) but actually toned it down and used the same colors for a more wearable, everyday Jasmine look that I wore for the rest of the week to ease my Halloween withdrawal. Since it is no longer Halloween, would you rather see a tutorial for the more wearable look or do you just want to know how I did the Halloween makeup?

If you want to know how I made the Aladdin and Jasmine costumes, read on!

My Princess Jasmine costume came from a Simplicity pattern for a genie costume that I modified. They make Cinderella and Snow White costumes but not Jasmine!? What the heck. Anyway, the pattern number is 3626 if you want to know. I actually simplified it a lot. There were a lot of shear overlays in the original pattern that I skipped. You could include them and it wouldn’t hurt the look of the costume at all but I am lazy and wanted to stick as close as possible to the original cartoon look or the outfit. Other than the overlays, the pants are made exactly according to the pattern, in turquoise satin.

For the top, I skipped the extra piece that covers the midriff, because Jasmine doesn’t have that. I had to add a little bit of fabric at the bottom in order to make it not scandalous, though. I pretty much just cut a straight piece of fabric, sewed it on, and gathered it. The headband is a wide piece of ribbon with a jewel-looking button from JoAnn’s on it. The gold earrings and necklace are from Fred Meyer (judging by what I paid for them, I don’t think they are actually gold.) I think I got the shoes at Payless but I’ve had them since middle school, so I don’t think you’ll find them there now.

I couldn’t find an Aladdin pattern to save my life. Luckily, it was easy to figure out. I cut a purple T-shirt into a vest. The hardest part of that was finding a men’s purple T-shirt, after that you just trim it until it looks like a vest.  The pants were trickier to find but I eventually found an awesome website that shows you how to make your own belly dancing costumes! Now I need to get better at belly dancing so I can have an excuse to make myself some of those costumes. The web address is http://www.shira.net/costuming/cg/pants-harem.htm.  It tells you how to take your measurements and use them to make a pattern. I made the pants out of white muslin with some stretchy brown fabric for the belt. I just kind of eyeballed the width and sewed on snaps to close it in the back. I sewed a piece of yellow fabric from my mom’s scrap bag onto the right knee of the pants for a patch. The last detail was the hat, which I made out of red felt. My genie pattern came with a hat pattern too, so I used that pattern for the Aladdin hat.

St Agatha’s Holiday Bazaar!

And now, the craft event you’ve all been waiting for! (And if you haven’t, you should have been.) As in past years, my beautiful mother and I will be there with our table full of awesome stuff. My mom, especially has been working like crazy and has lots of really cool new things to sell (check out her blog at alldolledup1.wordpress.com).

Please see the flyer below for details and more reasons you should come to the bazaar. I hope to see you all there!

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