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There, now, that wasn’t so hard…

It took me longer than it should have to get around to it, but once I finally started typing it up, my Sally Doll pattern didn’t take very long at all to prepare. I have only made one of these dolls and I just wrote the pattern as I went, so if anything doesn’t make sense to you that seemed to make sense to me while I was writing it, let me know and I will try to clear things up!

Here is the pattern:

This pattern is no longer available for free. Please see my Ravelry:

Or Etsy Shop:


Making Christmas…Making Christmas

For those of you who haven’t already heard me say this like 100 times, I love Jack Skellington and Nightmare Before Christmas. I uploaded my first Jack Skellington pattern about a year ago and this year decided to make Jack a Santa, or “Sandy Claws” outfit, as Jack would say. Now he’s ready to take over Christmas, so watch out!

I will have the pattern uploaded by next weekend at the latest so that you can make your own Jack in time for Christmas. I also have a Sally doll (Jack’s girlfriend, if you didn’t know) lined up for my next project, but I don’t know yet when she will be done.


Jack Skellington is Here!

I finally finished my Jack Skellington pattern just in time for Christmas!  I am very pleased with how it turned out, but let me know if there is anything in the pattern that I need to clarify (I know that what makes sense in my head doesn’t necessarily make sense to others, so if I wrote anything you don’t understand post a comment and I will explain).

Anyway, the pattern is free so I hope all you Nightmare Before Christmas friends enjoy it!  Jack looks complex but the pattern is actually really simple and easy to make, it’s all single crochet.

Jack has feet!

For those of you who have been waiting patiently, I have just added feet to my Jack Skellington pattern and the rest of the pattern should be up soon.  (I have my last final of the term today and after that it will be crocheting and knitting like crazy to get ready for Christmas so get ready for more frequent updates and possibly a new pattern or two.)

The Holiday Bazaar and Jack Skellington

St. Agatha’s Holiday Bazaar was today and yesterday and it went really well, thanks to all of you who came!  For those who couldn’t make it, here are some pictures of our table:

Here is my Mom getting the table all set up, it looked a lot less crowded by the end of the bazaar!

And here I am, apparently having trouble staying awake.  (I think this is the first picture on this blog of me with my natural hair but it is tied back so you can’t tell, muahaha).

In other news, Jack is finally done and I will be updating his pattern as I have time.  Look for him under “Free Patterns.”


I didn’t notice until just now that Mom and I wore matching shirts both days of the Bazaar.  Funny.

Update on Jack Skellington

So… I just found out my Architecture Studio midterm is the Monday after Halloween so in addition to the new Jack Skellington pattern, I also have a bunch of drawings of my building and a model to build to get ready for that weekend.  I would still love to get Jack finished by then, but there is no way anyone else will have time to make one if I wait until the night before to post the finished pattern, and that would be sad.  Soooo…my idea is to just post what I have of the pattern now and update it as I go so that anyone who has their heart set on a Jack Skellington doll for Halloween can make one along with me and won’t have to be sad.  Good idea?  The pattern is still unedited, so please let me know if you see any mistakes or anything doesn’t make sense so I can make it better.

Jack Skellington Doll in Progress

For those of you who love Nightmare Before Christmas like I do, I have just started designing a pattern for a Jack Skellington Doll.  This pattern will be free and I hope to get it done far enough before Halloween so that you will actually be able to make it in time for Jack to run his pumpkin kingdom, if you wish.  If not, Nightmare Before Christmas is a Christmas movie too, so you can make Jack as a Christmas present for your favorite little monster–um, child.

More Nightmare Before Christmas?

I’ve recently noticed that my blog has been getting a lot of views from people looking for Nightmare Before Christmas dolls.  Since I haven’t really made any of my own Nightmare Before Christmas patterns yet, what would people think of a new Jack Skellington pattern?  It’s something I’ve been wanting to try anyway, so I might just do it…

Ganondorf is finally here! (Free crochet pattern)

Today I have finally finished the Ganondorf doll pattern, my second Legend of Zelda doll!  Princess  Zelda herself will be here eventually too.  In the meantime, please enjoy the free patterns for Ganondorf and Link.

Zero from “Nightmare Before Christmas”

Any serious Burton fans will appreciate this pattern I found for Zero, the ghost dog from “Nightmare Before Christmas.”  This pattern is on another blog so please click here to access it.

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