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Jack and Sally Won a Red Ribbon!

The judges’ results are in for the Multnomah County Fair! Jack and Sally won the Second Premium Red Ribbon and my mom also won a prize for her sweet ballerinas! I am so happy for both of us. Check out my mom’s blog to see her post on the fair: click here

Sally and Jack with Their Ribbon

Sally and Jack at the Fair

Unfortunately I didn’t actually get to go to the fair because I am in Eugene, but I heard it was really cool. I wish I could have gone and seen all of the other cool craft projects! Hopefully next year.


Winter Craftivus!

Winter Craftivus is next Friday and Saturday! Stop by and pick up some beautiful one-of-a-kind handmade gifts for your family and friends instead of fighting the crowds at Walmart. I will be at school studying for finals but my mom will be there with lots of great new stuff! She has been working really hard and even I have a couple of new dolls to show, which I will post on my blog soon. For now, here is the link to the information for Craftivus, which my mom has posted on her blog:

St Agatha’s Holiday Bazaar!

And now, the craft event you’ve all been waiting for! (And if you haven’t, you should have been.) As in past years, my beautiful mother and I will be there with our table full of awesome stuff. My mom, especially has been working like crazy and has lots of really cool new things to sell (check out her blog at

Please see the flyer below for details and more reasons you should come to the bazaar. I hope to see you all there!

Only 1 Month Until the Christmas Bazaar!

I know, nobody wants to think about Christmas yet. I myself am in full Halloween mode, and I still have a lot to get ready for that. But we should all start thinking about Christmas because the fabulous St. Agatha’s Christmas Bazaar is coming up again on the first weekend of November! (See, you have to start thinking about Christmas in October in order to be ready for it in early November.)

There will be lots of wonderful handmade things to see and buy, and of course, my mom and I will have our table there again. I am going to start working on dolls again and posting pictures of them so you can get a preview of what we have. I will also post more information as I get it. (My mom is also posting this information on her blog,

Hope to see you there!

Thanks to everyone who came to Craftivus this weekend! For those of you who are interested, there will be another sort of mini-sale next Saturday at the same house, 16th and rural. I won’t be there but several of the artists who worked on Craftivus will be, so it should be really cool!

Zombie Kitty!

I love Hello Kitty! My mom already made a few mermaid Hello Kitties for Craftivus this weekend (please see details in previous post) so I thought a Zombie Kitty would be fun and cute.


Craftivus this Weekend!

Just a reminder for anyone who would like to attend Craftivus…it’s this weekend! The place and time are on the flyer and I will be working there 12-3pm on Saturday and 9am-12pm on Sunday. It should be lots of fun and there will be lots of other vendors there besides me, so you should stop by and see what they have too! I hope to see you there!

Craftivus and Coraline



I have finally managed to obtain the flyer with the information for Craftivus. Anyone who is going to be in Portland, Oregon July 30th and 31st should definitely come check it out! Some of my mom’s and my stuff made it onto the flyer (notice my Coraline, Jack Skellington, and Zombie dolls.)

One great reason to go to Craftivus (for Coraline lovers, anyway) is my new Coraline doll that I just finished (see below). I think she is a even better than the ones I have made before. I made some adjustments to the pattern (including a better way to do hair), which I will soon update on this blog as well, for those who wish to make their own Coraline doll. For those who would rather buy one, this doll will be for sale at Craftivus! (I might make one or two more if I have time with everything else but we will see.

No Excuse for Lazy Blogging

It’s finally summer and I am back to spending every day crafting my little heart out after another fun but tough year of architecture school! This is my first little doll of the summer and I have no good excuse for waiting so long to post a picture of her.

I should have a lot more soon, as I am getting ready for “Craftivus” on July 31st. “Craftivus” is a craft sale I am doing with my mom and it is the summer equivalent of the “Festivus” sale she did in December. More details will follow for anyone who is interested in going. Please come and see my stuff! I will keep posting pictures so you can see if there is anything you want to buy, or just come and see for yourself. So far in addition to dolls I also have hackey-sacks and napkin rings. I might post instructions of a tutorial on how to make the napkin rings soon.

That’s all for now, I better get back to making stuff so I have something to write about!



The Holiday Bazaar and Jack Skellington

St. Agatha’s Holiday Bazaar was today and yesterday and it went really well, thanks to all of you who came!  For those who couldn’t make it, here are some pictures of our table:

Here is my Mom getting the table all set up, it looked a lot less crowded by the end of the bazaar!

And here I am, apparently having trouble staying awake.  (I think this is the first picture on this blog of me with my natural hair but it is tied back so you can’t tell, muahaha).

In other news, Jack is finally done and I will be updating his pattern as I have time.  Look for him under “Free Patterns.”


I didn’t notice until just now that Mom and I wore matching shirts both days of the Bazaar.  Funny.

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