Jack and Sally Won a Red Ribbon!

The judges’ results are in for the Multnomah County Fair! Jack and Sally won the Second Premium Red Ribbon and my mom also won a prize for her sweet ballerinas! I am so happy for both of us. Check out my mom’s blog to see her post on the fair: click here

Sally and Jack with Their Ribbon

Sally and Jack at the Fair

Unfortunately I didn’t actually get to go to the fair because I am in Eugene, but I heard it was really cool. I wish I could have gone and seen all of the other cool craft projects! Hopefully next year.



  1. Congratulations Assunta! Jack and Sally should have won a blue ribbon too! They’re awesome! Jennifer

  2. the crafty knitter Said:

    I’d like to say something… just because quite frankly I’m doing it right now.
    One of my friends is gonna get married and she is going to have these two as wedding toppers. So… I decided to KNIT up an Jack and Sally for them. What you’ve done really helped to figure out how to knit it.
    Though I am gonna make Jack’s pants/coat from cloth. His shoes are gonna be the yarn. Gonna have to make a stand for him, which is kinda simple. Just need to buy the wire for it and make the base out of wire as well.
    Having a ‘template’ as which to look at is quite frankly a godsend and I truly thank you for making these beautiful dolls.

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