There, now, that wasn’t so hard…

It took me longer than it should have to get around to it, but once I finally started typing it up, my Sally Doll pattern didn’t take very long at all to prepare. I have only made one of these dolls and I just wrote the pattern as I went, so if anything doesn’t make sense to you that seemed to make sense to me while I was writing it, let me know and I will try to clear things up!

Here is the pattern:

This pattern is no longer available for free. Please see my Ravelry:

Or Etsy Shop:



  1. kacicalese Said:

    Assunta, thanks for sharing your Sally pattern. She is so cute. I hope she and Jack win first prize at the fair. You deserve it.

    • Assunta Said:

      Thanks, Mom! But all of your stuff is really cute too, I will be happy if one of us wins. What are you submitting again?

      • kacicalese Said:

        I’m entering my Feya Balabina, and the new ballerina I’m making. She doesn’t have a name yet. Heck, she doesn’t even have any hair yet!

      • Assunta Said:

        I love Feya Balabina! She is so cute, the one you gave me for my birthday cheers me up every time I look at her!

      • i have a question for Assuunta how tall are Jack n Sally

      • Assunta Said:

        Hi Kelsey, Jack is about 14 inches tall and Sally is about 12 inches tall.

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