Creepy-Cute Goth Girl Makeup Tutorial

I know this isn’t really a makeup blog but I have been wanting to do a makeup tutorial for awhile. Since I don’t have any new crochet or knitting patterns coming up in time for Halloween, at least I am doing something Halloween related. Next week I will have Halloween-themed food and Halloween decorations to show off but I really wish I had time to do more.

Anyway, I went to a talent show tonight, the theme of which was holidays. Naturally, I chose Halloween, but I didn’t want to spoil the surprise of my Halloween costume by showing it too early (although it will also be on the blog next week), so I came up with this Goth Girl look. It is nothing fancy, I am not a makeup expert, I just do it for fun and I especially love doing Halloween makeup.

Maybe if I have time and if it turns out well I will post my Halloween look too (no promises, though).


  1. Kay Said:

    I like your makeup tutorial. I might try it myself. Since I have gray hair that frizzes easily, I might go for the creepier, old lady gothic look! But maybe not. Last time I tried something like that on Halloween I made one of the neighbor kids cry! Happy Halloween!!!

    • Assunta Said:


      You should do it, I bet you would look really cute! If you do, you have to send me a picture.

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