No Excuse for Lazy Blogging

It’s finally summer and I am back to spending every day crafting my little heart out after another fun but tough year of architecture school! This is my first little doll of the summer and I have no good excuse for waiting so long to post a picture of her.

I should have a lot more soon, as I am getting ready for “Craftivus” on July 31st. “Craftivus” is a craft sale I am doing with my mom and it is the summer equivalent of the “Festivus” sale she did in December. More details will follow for anyone who is interested in going. Please come and see my stuff! I will keep posting pictures so you can see if there is anything you want to buy, or just come and see for yourself. So far in addition to dolls I also have hackey-sacks and napkin rings. I might post instructions of a tutorial on how to make the napkin rings soon.

That’s all for now, I better get back to making stuff so I have something to write about!



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