Jack Skellington Doll in Progress

For those of you who love Nightmare Before Christmas like I do, I have just started designing a pattern for a Jack Skellington Doll.  This pattern will be free and I hope to get it done far enough before Halloween so that you will actually be able to make it in time for Jack to run his pumpkin kingdom, if you wish.  If not, Nightmare Before Christmas is a Christmas movie too, so you can make Jack as a Christmas present for your favorite little monster–um, child.


  1. ellen divizio Said:

    Yes, I also LOVE Nightmare before Christmas. And I just think that Jack Skellington and his girlfriend (cannot remember her name right now, it escapes me, old age, ya know?) are just adorable. Would love to see your creations and thank you for making the patterns free.

    • Assunta Said:

      Jack’s girlfriend’s name is Sally and I can’t wait to start working on her too! Jack is coming along slowly thanks to my crazy homework load but I would love to get him done before Halloween. I’m glad you appreciate the free patterns. Unfortunately I cannot make all of the patterns free because I am a poor college student and need the money, but for that same reason I also know what it is to appreciate free patterns (plus I’m pretty sure someone could sue me for selling patterns based on characters that aren’t mine, but I don’t know for sure.) Anyway, thanks for your comment, it is great to hear from other people who loves Nightmare Before Christmas as much as I do!

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