For all you Nintendo Lovers

I made up these dolls for my Nintedo-loving little brother and they will be available for you soon.  They are a constant work in progress: Zelda’s dress is still unfinished and Ganondorf lacks a sword, meaning that Link can repeatedly kick his butt, unopposed until I can get around to giving Ganondorf a sword as well.  Anyway, I don’t own the rights to the characters so I can’t sell the pattern without risking a law suit, but if there is another crazy girl out there like me who loves her monkey-headed brother enough to crochet him a handmade doll, I figure she at least deserves a free pattern to help her get started.  Enjoy, and be prepared for him to start bugging you to make all of his other favorite characters as soon as one is finished. (Or if you don’t have a deserving brother, make these dolls for yourself!)

For a great free Mario pattern, check out this link.  I made this doll for my brother and my boyfriend and it was well received by both.  Naturally, my brother is now asking for Luigi.

Anyway, here are Link and Ganondorf:



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  1. K Said:

    I wonder if your little brother knows how lucky he is to have a such a wonderful big sister like you? At any rate, your dolls are adorable and so are you. Keep up the good work.

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